Terms & Conditions

By submitting your application for an MIQ voucher, you are agreeing to the following fees, processes, terms & conditions:

Fees and Process

    • Application Fee – per application – NZ$ 95
    • Events Fee – chosen by you from the Room Release Events packs available
    • Change Fee – per change request – NZ$ 15

Application and Events fees are requested when you submit your application.

Please Note: Your MIQ hotel stay may come with its own charges which are described on the Govt MIQ web site

Application Fee

The Application Fee covers the time required to check that your application is valid, and set up a Travel Registration with you. The MIQhelpers support team will work with you to complete this step.

Events Fee

The Events fee covers our attendance at the MIQ Room Release Events for all passport holders in your travel group on your behalf.

When an MIQ reservation is obtained, your application is closed and the Events Fee becomes non-refundable. You will receive an email immediately letting you know which target date was obtained, and that your room(s) are being held for 48 hours while you arrange your flights.

You must then take action to work with us to update your Travel Registration with those flight details in order to secure the MIQ voucher. You can book the flights yourself, use your regular travel agent, or engage the MIQhelpers Flight Specialist Team to take care of this step. If your travel plans change after an MIQ reservation is obtained, then you can instruct us to cancel that MIQ reservation for you or let it expire.

Change Fee

You can change your application before it is successfully closed as often as you like. This might include changes to the number of passengers travelling, contact details, or your target arrival dates for instance. A Change Fee will apply on each occasion and a single change request can include alterations to any aspect of your application.

Note: Website submissions are suspended in the 3 hours before , and also during MIQ Room Release Events.

Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel your engagement with MIQhelpers and take back the task of landing an MIQ voucher yourself at any time before your application is successfully closed. You will receive a refund of the Events Fee less any room release events that have already been attended… no problem, no delays, no questions asked.

Refunds are less 4% to cover transaction fees on your card payment – which are not recoverable, and the processing of the cancellation. Refunds are processed within 24 hours, and should reach you shortly thereafter.

Pausing or Cancelling your Application

You can pause and un-pause your application at any time by ticking the associated checkbox. This is a way to idle your application without having to cancel it and reapply at a later date.

To cancel an application, simply follow the link that we sent you at application time, back to your online application, click [Cancel an application] and this will kick off the refund process (if a refund is due).


MIQhelpers will keep you in the loop every step of the way:

    • To confirm that your application has been received, and to contact you while we set up your Travel Registration together 
    • To confirm that any change requests have been received
    • To confirm that a cancellation request has been received
    • To advise when your application has been successfully closed

During MIQ Room Release Events (if selected):

    • To confirm that you are a candidate for the event
    • To advise that we have entered the lobby – and with which passport number
    • To advise that we got to the front of the queue but your target dates were no longer available on the calendars
    • To advise that we didn’t get to the front before the event ended
    • To advise when your events pack has been fully attended

At any other time, you can send us a message using our Contact Us page. Select “My Application” as a topic and fire away.

When you submit or change your application, we’ll send you an email confirming your submission and containing a link back to your online application so that you can review it, change it, pause it, or cancel it at any time.

Travel Providers

MIQhelpers is not a travel provider and has no control over, or liability for, the Travel Products provided by Travel Providers who are part of your journey to NZ. We cannot guarantee the performance of your Travel Providers and we have no liability in respect of the supply of any Travel Products including any liability in contract, tort or otherwise, for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any Travel Provider.