Customer Feedback

Here’s what our customers are saying …

MIQ Helpers are at the pinnacle of customer service. Their communication is prompt and clear and they have been so helpful to me over the past few weeks. I could not recommend them more in helping you secure a slot in MIQ.

Jeremy Lomas – Hahei, NZ
I am very overwhelmed with the time and effort MIQ Helpers have put in to secure me a MIQ room as I have been stressing and struggling to get a room. Without their hard work, time and effort I will still be without a MIQ room! I was desperate and almost in tears knowing I could have been stuck! But thank you thank you thank you Aaron at MIQ helpers! You are a total life saver! Highly recommend!!!

Chicoda Hita – Hastings, NZ
I can’t recommend MIQ helpers enough. I asked them to book me a voucher ASAP and they found me a spot within one month. If not for them I have no doubt I would be stuck overseas for considerably longer. The staff are friendly and helpful, keep up the great work!

Rob – Wellington, NZ
Aaron was super helpful with my client’s MIQ voucher! Very friendly and kept us constantly up to date with how we were getting on. I have had 4 clients now use his expertise (I am a travel agent) and all have been successful and hassle free. I will continue to recommend my clients get help from MIQ helpers. Thank you.

Megan Lowish, Travel & Cruise Specialist – Otago, NZ
I had to travel to the UK to see my mother who was terminally ill. The stress and anxiety of getting back to NZ was very real. I found MIQ helpers to be amazing, as if I was the only person they were helping to find a spot in MIQ. Personal and heartfelt. Thankyou

Claire – Queenstown, NZ
Looking to get back to Christchurch to see family, one of which has a terminal illness and navigating the MIQ site was proving very difficult and stressful. Became aware of MIQ Helpers thru a travel agent I was dealing with and the results have been outstanding. Managed to secure a quarantine allocation within 24 hours and now relieved to know I will be back in Christchurch end of April.

Pete Davies – Sydney, Australia
After one week of talking to unhelpful staff from MIQ and I wasn’t able to secure my spot on their website, I gave up. I contacted MIQ Helpers and after a long conversation with Aaron, I’ve decided to let MIQ Helpers help me. After 12 hours of my registration, I received an email that they have secured a spot for me. Very happy, very professional approach, Thank You!

Luba – Auckland, NZ