Useful Info for securing an MIQ Reservation

Target Arrival Dates

Choose your MIQ target dates carefully and check with your airline or travel agent to make sure that flights do land in NZ on the date(s) that you send to us. At boarding time, the date on your MIQ voucher must match the scheduled arrival date in NZ for your flight and that this is strictly enforced.


    • If your flight is scheduled to arrive at 11:55pm on December 1, then you will need an MIQ voucher for December 1
    • If your flight is scheduled to arrive after midnight at 00:15am on December 2, you will need an MIQ voucher for December 2


Give us as many target arrival dates as you can – since this increases our chances of securing an MIQ reservation for you. While we’ve been successful helping travellers who handed us only 1 or 2 dates to work with, in general, “more is more” when it comes to shots at vacancies that are in short supply and high demand.

You can revisit your MIQHelpers application to adjust dates at any time if circumstances change.

Process & Timing

We create a Travel Registration for you under our own account, and then the search for your MIQ accommodation begins. This process, which is a common practice within the Travel Agent network, means that we do not require your own MIQ login information or password, and the travel registration that we create does not affect any registration you may have set up personally.

The earlier you submit your application, the quicker we can do our initial checks, work together to create your Travel Registration, and come back to you if anything else needs attention. We don’t want to be doing this when the pressure goes on before the next Room Release Event.

You can make an MIQhelpers application ahead of time for months where vouchers have not yet been released. This ensures that we can dive into the search for you as soon as those rooms are added to the pool.

MIQhelpers Flight Specialist Team

The flight team is hand-picked from New Zealand’s award-winning travel agencies and top-tier independent travel consultants and is on standby to make sure your MIQ reservation and inbound flights or round-trip journey goes super-smoothly. Everything must go like clockwork to navigate  New Zealand arrival procedures, and there is no room for error.

Our team are experts at researching the best routes and arrival dates to fit in with your travel plans and they know NZ’s quarantine requirements from top to bottom. They have access to the world’s best flight scheduling systems, to seating deals that the average person can’t find, and have a bag of magic tricks that you could only find in a circus =^..^=.

MIQ Room Release Events always run at friendly times locally, so our flight team have an advantage over travel agents in offshore time-zones. They can leap to action to lock in flights during a room release event while overseas agents might still be sleeping. If a hassle-free journey into New Zealand is what you are looking for, then our flight team would love to help you.

Our Flight Specialists charge separately for their services and have various travel options for you to choose from.

Humans helping Humans

MIQhelpers don’t use software to scan the MIQ calendars or to operate the MIQ website when applying for a reservation – since doing so is strictly forbidden.

At MIQhelpers, these tasks are performed by human “Landing Agents” who are part of the MIQhelpers network. We operate strictly by all known rules and regulations, terms and conditions laid down by MBIE, and we have offered MBIE a presentation of our infrastructure so that they are fully abreast of our technologies, practices, and policies.

Our in-house Applicant Management System – MiQe “my-key” has been custom-built to handle multiple applications at the same time and to simplify our management and application effort during Room Release Events.

If you’re looking to hire a clever network of humans who work in concert to handle this task professionally and efficiently, then you’ve come to the right place.